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32% of Jamaican women use s3x as a means of status and gain.

32% of Jamaican women use s3x as a means of status and gain.

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For prestige or financial benefit, a significant portion of Jamaican women engage in transactional s3x, which has led to demands for more from partners even those in committed relationships. These are the results of a recent investigation by academics at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) to determine whether social media and the evolving reality are related.

The transaction goes beyond money and pleasure to now encompass prestige and other tangible rewards, according to a 2022 study by academics at NCU. According to the research, which included 1,123 women mostly from Kingston, St. Andrew, and St. Catherine, 11% of women love transactional s3x while over 14% had never tried it but would like to.

More than 75% of the sampled group think that social media is influencing transactional s3x, but Bourne holds a different opinion. He also adds that if married women and women in committed relationships 3ngage in transactional s3x and have multiple s3xual partners, there may be a rise in domestic vi0l3nce as a result. Observe the report:

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