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PNP councilman acknowledges involvement in sex video

PNP councilman acknowledges involvement in sex video

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Uphell Purcell, a councilor for Clarendon South West’s York Town division, has acknowledged appearing in a leaked sex tape that has since gone viral.
Purcell, a PNP member, claimed that his “performance” was intended for an adult female. He claimed that he was the victim of a
crime and that he had informed the police’s cybercrime unit of the incident.

Less than a week ago, the less than two-minute video featuring the naked politician first went viral.

Purcell expressed his surprise at the public domain release of the video. He claimed that his right to privacy had been violated and expressed optimism for a comprehensive resolution.

Purcell is currently disputing assertions that he has resigned from the PNP as well as his divisional and constituency positions. He told TalkUpDiTingsDem News, “That’s a lie!”

Yet, he confirmed that party officials had brought him into meetings to talk about the matter.

Purcell said, “I cannot answer,” when asked if he has any intentions of leaving his official positions.

Since 1998, Purcell has served as the councilor representing the York Town division.


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