Home » Caano, a dancehall artist, disputes allegations that he kidnapped a Canadian woman.

Caano, a dancehall artist, disputes allegations that he kidnapped a Canadian woman.

Caano, a dancehall artist, disputes allegations that he kidnapped a Canadian woman.

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The upcoming dancehall performer Caano has refuted allegations made by CVM TV that he engaged in human trafficking, and con artists, and detained a white Canadian woman against her will.
Caano told TalkUpDiTingsDem News that the lady had been staying with him for a time until “the catty [the woman’s] buddy contacted the police inna Jamaica and said me ah take her hostage, so the cops dem came to my yard.”
When I glance out the window, there is a crazed policeman outside, and a guy enters and pushes me to the ground. One of the policemen destroyed my residence and stole my toilet bowl, chest of drawers, and wall mirror. She wasn’t imprisoned against her will or for a ransom; she was here with me for six months and we were in a true relationship at the time, he said.

A Caucasian Canadian national was allegedly being detained against her will at his residence, and others in Canada were being coerced into sending money, according to a report to the St. Catherine police.

The Bank Robber performer, whose actual name is Orrette Brown, stated, “The cops dem no discover nothing in my phone, nothing about scamming in my house, mi sing pounding song, that’s it.”

He was ultimately taken into custody and taken to the police station in Spanish Town.

He said, “I wasn’t even in handcuffs, I wasn’t a threat to them.

“There was no proof of scamming, thus the police never filed any charges against me. Police officers never present me with a search warrant when I ask them for one. He only said, “P—y, you enjoy talking?” I feel like my rights are being violated, and on top of that, if the police give the public incorrect information about me, such as that the woman was saved, that information might hurt my reputation, Caano concluded.

The lady, who purportedly worked as a former employee of a Canadian bank, was finally taken to the station by the police. She, according to Caano, supported him and even backed up his account.

“In the end, she decided to stand up for me. Even the girl’s brother said that she had picked me up and that everything they had been taught was a lie. Dem infringes on my rights, he declared.

Caano wants to clear his identity by consulting a lawyer.

Since I have upcoming online performances, he said, “I urge the bloggers and the media to withdraw the report.” He said that the information was untrue.

Caano, a previous competitor in the well-known Jamaican talent show Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, sprang to prominence in 2020 after a video of him deejaying in a body shop in Spanish Town, where he was working at the time, went viral.

Even Minister Marion Hall, previously Lady Saw, was moved by Caano’s ability to write powerful lyrics despite his naked and messy appearance in the video. “When he was younger, I believed you to be Beenie Man. Then you begin to smash the beat, and I gasped in awe. Since you draw attention, even though I am a Christian, I had to pause and pay attention, Hall stated.

In an interview with TalkUpDiTingsDem News in 2020, Caano stated that his passion for English literature, which began when he was a student at Jose Marte High School, continues to this day since he employs the creative writing method to create musical compositions with strong lyrical content. He stated that he hoped to work with Vybz Kartel at the moment.

His songs include Inside Her, Bank Robber, Top Coote, Missed Called, and Bang Pon Eh Line with Tenn Point.

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