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More issues with the Road Traffic Act?

More issues with the Road Traffic Act?

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The issue with car seats is not the only concern, claim J’cans on social media.

Some people on social media have called for authorities to use this opportunity to review a few other provisions of the New Road Traffic Act since the government has stated that it will change the regulations under the Act regarding a car restraint system for children under the age of 12 in the future.

At a press conference held on Friday afternoon at Jamaica House, Prime Minister Andrew Holness discussed the issue of the car restraint system. This came after the Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) announced that it would use some discretion when issuing tickets to drivers of public passenger vehicles who fail to adhere to the law’s requirement for child restraint systems.

But after this action, several Jamaicans argue that the window should also be utilized to thoroughly review some of the Act’s other provisions.

One person said, “I think that the government can utilize the opportunity to look at other areas and not simply wait until there is big public uproar and they are again compelled to go to the review board, while they are seeking to examine that aspect of the Act.

Some people discussed issues like the $150,000 punishment for drivers of overly smoking automobiles.

Anthony White, one of the users, suggested this action.

“Rubbish! This person’s principal source of income, the repair or rebuild of this car, may not be possible without J$150,000. Send out a warning, and if the car is still smoking significantly after 30 days, take the license plates off, the user said.

Sheryl Williams, another user, disagreed.

It may seem harsh, but it should serve as a deterrence to the several smoke bombs I’ve been driving about in vehicles. Sometimes you have to question whether some of these drivers are aware of how dangerous and annoying their smoking automobiles are, the user said.

However, both users concurred that this was yet another issue that might be looked at as policymakers considered changing the way that car seats are regulated.

The users argue that this should be the case since it would be unjust for the government to punish certain drivers so severely while allowing state-owned buses to operate with the same or perhaps even worse issues.

“How would @JamaicaConstab handle the numerous, heavily-smoking JUTC buses?

several areas, including James Smith suggested that while waiting, the $30,000 penalties for not having a driver’s license may also be reviewed.

One social media user who went under the name Smithie urged that this be loosened because the police’s present system allows for entering in a driver’s TRN number and retrieving license information.

driving a car while without having a permit or license that allows you to do so is known as driving without permission.

Fine ($). 30,000.

One user said, “I believe that under the existing system, drivers might once again be given time to produce their license because some do forget if they are stopped and do not have the item on their person.

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