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This is a public service announcement – One Voice Transportation Group

This is a public service announcement – One Voice Transportation Group

One Voice Transportation Group

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This is a public service announcement 

effective February 6 

We, at the One Voice Transportation Group, located at 115 Maxfield Avenue, will be withdrawing our services based on the following concerns: On February 1, several new traffic laws went into effect without proper planning, causing problems for Jamaica’s PPV services.

The One Voice Transportation Group has managed to single out a few of the arbitrary, tyrannical, and absurd road traffic acts that have been implemented since February 1. 

1. paying fines and still losing your license

2. extension to the 30 of April to benefit from the reprieve 

3. For tickets before 2018 government say null and void but we are still paying  for them and losing our license 

3. high tickets fines in the new road traffic act 

4. double and triple fines charge at the court on each ticket 

5, operators that have not yet faced the judges will  lose their license and cannot re-apply until suspicions expire

6, parking in the kmtr for taxis

7.no where in the kmtr to legally set down and pick up passengers 

8, bus stops along constant spring road

9. Illegal wrecking of vehicles  

10, child seat 

11, high wrecking fees

Several others will be discussed during the strict period.

There is no provision for us in the KMTR to ply our trade legally. We are not allowed to pick up or drop off our passengers along the thoroughfare within the KMTR. (corporate area)

Areas that passengers gather over the years to take taxies they don’t know that those areas are not legal taxi stands

As Hackney Carriage operators, we require a feeble mode of operation on the KMTR. We are tired and fed up with operating at the discretion of the police.

No business can sustain itself and provide good, efficient service when it is operating based on someone’s discretion.

One Voice Transportation Group

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