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How To Turn Jamaica Into – A First World Country!

How To Turn Jamaica Into A First World Country! 


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Jamaica does not need a special court for the stealing of electricity and water. We need a system supported by the government to deal with these challenges.

Corruption and the stealing of especially utility services have turned a significant portion of our people into criminals. The adults steal the utility services and the children grow knowing that is ‘so di ting set. These are the children who might become the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice of Jamaica, or even the Commissioner of Police. That is not a healthy state of affairs in a developing county like Jamaica. This challenge permeates the whole society and basically, if we continue to run a country where a significant number of its citizens are involved in corrupt activities then there can be no future.

There was an article published recently in a daily newspaper about the level of stealing of electricity and also water. The figures quoted in the article are either not accurate or it is not clear whether the loss due to theft is a monthly figure or an annual one.

JPS states that there are about 200,000 persons who are connected to the grid illegally. If I assume that each person consumes a minimum of JAD15,000 monthly, then this could amount to a loss of about JAD3 billion each month which would be JAD36 billion annually. The NWC says it is losing between JAD3.5 to JAD4.5 billion monthly. At JAD3.5 billion monthly, that would amount to JAD42 billion annually. You are talking about losses that should raise major alarm bells nationally, and one would expect a national debate about this matter in parliament rather than MPs wasting time in parliament talking about who should sit where. Until we clean up this mess probably all parliamentarians should sit on the floor.

If we add the billions lost due to corruption, waste, inefficiency, and the high crime rate, then we should not have to wonder why this is still a poor country.

We are tinkering with the system. This country needs radical systemic changes which require us to set achievable targets and such targets must be achieved unless there is a good reason for not achieving such targets. There must also be accountability at all levels and those who do not match up to standard must pay dearly for it and should be made to pack their bags and go home. Then and only then we will be on the road to becoming a first-world country and we can say, “Jamaica Land We Love”. We must reduce the waste, corruption, and crime in this country in order to become a First World Country. 

The question is, ‘Who will stop it?” Is Those who can stop it probably benefit from the current system. 

Where corruption talks, crime walks!

Persons report that they are now feeling the effects of the storm in Portland. 


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