It Cost To Get It Done And It Costs When It Is Not Done Properly!!!

It Cost To Get It Done And It Costs When It Is Not Done Properly!!!

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Charlemont Road in Kingston was resurfaced about two weeks ago, and it is amazing to see the state of the road now. One car owner’s car fell into one of the craters on the road and the report that I have is that the repairs to his car could cost quite a bit. 
You pay taxes to fix the roads and when the roads are not fixed properly your vehicle gets damaged and you now have to pay for the incompetence of those who did a poor job. It is just amazing! This continues to happen because persons sit down and humbly take the garbage!

What is even more ludicrous is that we cannot fix the roads properly and we continue to hold on to our jobs and then we turn around and criticize those of us who refuse to tolerate your slackness. Amazing!!!

Who will put a stop to this nonsense and who will say this cannot continue? Is it that some persons benefit from this slackness why it still continues?

I would love the owner of this car to contact me by sending a text message to (876) 595-7131.

Join the protest against the poor maintenance of our roads. It is time that drivers and owners of vehicles stand up and say enough is enough! The NWA must be held accountable.  Please add your comments to this blog and share them with at least 10 friends.

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