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The Dangers of | Ransomware & | false News On Social Media

 The Dangers of | Ransomware & | false News On Social Media

Please be mindful of what you see and hear on social media

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I saw this post on Instagram this morning with this lady’s voice who was sounding very irate. According to the voice, she had an emergency and was taking her child to the Children’s Hospital in Kingston The police stopped her, and they found out that the license for the car was expired. The officers decided to seize the car.

It seems as if this lady was in the wrong and I feel that she should have talked quietly to the officers to see what they could have done to assist her. She could call a taxi to take her with her child to the hospital or walk it to the hospital since it seems that the hospital was close by.

I would love to hear the police side of the story, but until I hear the police’s side, I will state the following: When the police are carrying out their jobs, they must have a heart but cannot put others at risk heart. For example, suppose the police gave the woman a chance and allowed her to continue on her way to the hospital and then the car hits someone and that person dies. What if the car is not insured nor is the fitness certificate current?

I am very distressed to hear how women behave nowadays especially towards men. I believe that had this lady, or woman behaved like a charming lady she might have moved the hearts of those officers to even go further to assist her. Remember that officers have to deal with hard-core gunmen and undisciplined people daily. 

One thing that I am sure of is that something is very wrong with our people. It is not a police thing or a civilian thing it is a national problem. Finally, I hope that when the story was posted it was not intended to be vindictive. I also hope that a report was first made to the police high command

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