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Heavy drama in St. Catherine when a man is slain, officers are fired at, and a body is located

Heavy drama in St. Catherine when a man is slain, officers are fired at, and a body is located

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Gunmen and police officers engaged in gunfire at a stretch of the Hellshire main road in St. Catherine on Wednesday. 

One man was dead, another was missing, and a body with its hands and feet bound was discovered after the smoke cleared.

While they look for leads and the individual who escaped, the police are now conducting operations in Saint Catherine’s Hellshire and Central Village neighborhoods.

The inhabitants in and around the Hellshire region have also been warned by the Saint Catherine South police to be on the lookout for any unusual men.

According to information obtained by TalkUpDiTingsDem News, the individuals were driving a Toyota Fielder sedan and were apparently acting strangely. 
One of the individuals was shot by the police when they attempted to intervene but were reportedly confronted with gunfire. The other man took off and made off into the marsh.
It’s assumed that the individual who got away is armed.

The injured guy was carried to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. According to police sources, he is from Central Village.
The police later discovered a man’s body with his hands and feet tied after searching the location where the gunfire took place. The police source claimed that while the individual was from Central Village, he now lived in Portmore.

The individual who escaped the scene on Wednesday is still being sought by the police.


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