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Family Members Caught Removing Deceased Woman’s Thumbprint For Will in Trending Video

Family Members Caught Removing Deceased Woman’s

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The deceased woman’s grandson reported the incident to the authorities and requested that those responsible be brought to justice.

New Delhi: In an effort to create a fake will, a dead woman’s family in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, took her thumbprint. The horrific deed is captured in a viral video.
The police claim that the footage is from the year 2021.

Jitendra Sharma, the grandmother’s grandson, reported the incident to the police and urged that those responsible be brought to justice.

According to him, Kamala Devi, his mother’s aunt, passed away on May 8, 2021. The couple had no children because her spouse had passed away before.

Sharma claims that when the old mother passed away, her brother-in-kids law’s removed her body under the pretense of transporting it to the Agra hospital. A short distance ahead, they allegedly stopped the vehicle and dialed an attorney to have her sign a “fake will” using her thumbprint.
They reportedly acquired control of many properties, including the store and the residence, using fraudulent paperwork.
Sharma claimed that because Kamala Devi used a signature rather than a thumbprint, the family became suspicious.
Their suspicions were verified when a 45-second video recently made public showed the body laying in the backseat of a car as a lawyer used the woman’s thumb to stamp multiple documents with her fingerprint.

According to the Agra police, an inquiry has been mandated.

The depravity of the persons in the video has shocked many users, who have voiced their disbelief. “That is the most inhumane behavior that exists. A social boycott should be implemented against such individuals, “a user stated.

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Several demanded that the attorney be punished and proposed that his license be suspended.


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