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3-year-old shines at Stunt Fest

3-year-old shines at Stunt Fest

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Luca Onfroy, 3, is a future stunt rider in the making while even some adults struggle to balance on their own two feet.

In the National Stadium in Kingston, where spectators had gathered to see pros perform at Stunt Fest on Saturday, Luca had people’s jaws open as he did stunts on his bicycle.

Luca has been riding since he was 18 months old, according to his mother Claudia Gruber, who was speaking to TalkUpDiTingsDem News. Luca was not one of the Stunt Fest performers.

When asked about her son, who was seen in the vicinity, Gruber replied, “We go to the skate park as much as we can during the week so he can exercise.

Gruber told TalkUpDiTingsDem News that her kid has always been adventurous, climbing grilles before he could walk and even teaching himself how to bike, while praising the simple but spectacular skills her baby was able to perform.

“He couldn’t yet reach the pedals when I got him the bicycle when he was just 18 months old. He would climb up on the device using his training wheels, which he possessed. But I never gave him a biking lesson. He was always observing the Gleaner salesman on Sundays. He really learned how to ride a bicycle by constantly seeing the Gleaner man riding through the fence and how he placed his feet on the pedals.”

Now referred to as the curly-haired bicycle baby of Freedom Skate Park, Gruber said she is not concerned about her kid hurting himself while having fun on his bike.

“I never experienced any kind of terror. Never once did I worry that he might stumble or damage himself. And as I previously mentioned, it was particularly amusing since the neighbors would constantly yell at him to down from the grilles when he was just nine months old and unable to walk.”

According to Gruber, it’s crucial that kids are given the freedom to have fun without being unnecessarily protected by parents who continually warn them to remain indoors and worry that they could break a bone.

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