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According to a recent research, 1 in 5 U.S. adults claim to have had a family member slain by a gun.

According to recent research, 1 in 5 U.S. adults claims to have had a family member slain by a gun.

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Nearly one in five American adults say they have had a family member who was killed by a gun, including suicides, according to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Roughly the same number (21%) said they have been personally threatened with a gun, the study found.
People of color were more likely to report witnessing gun violence or having family members who were killed by guns. More than one-third of Black adults said they had a family member who was killed by a gun, compared with 17% of White respondents and 18% of Hispanic adults who participated in the study.
Three in 10 Black adults and one in five Hispanic adults said they had personally witnessed someone being shot, according to the study. A little more than one in five (22%) of Hispanic adults said they had seen someone being shot.
Black adults were also more likely to report feeling unsafe in their neighborhoods.
“While most adults overall say they feel either ‘very’ (41%) or ‘somewhat’ (41%) safe from gun violence in their neighborhoods, significant shares say they feel ‘not too safe’ (13%) or not safe at all (5%),” KFF said in a statement announcing the results of the study. “One in six Black adults (17%) don’t feel at all safe in their neighborhoods, far greater than the share of White (2%) or Hispanic (9%) adults.”


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