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Escapee held at St. Catherine one year after St. Ann jailbreak

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Escapee held at St. Catherine one year after St. Ann jailbreak

Escapee held

An individual on the run for almost a year after escaping from the Ocho Rios police lock-up in St Ann has finally been apprehended in St Catherine. Jermaine Rodgers, a 33-year-old wanted man from Mile End, Ocho Rios, was captured yesterday in Christian Gardens, Gregory Park, thanks to an intelligence-led operation by detectives from the St Catherine South Police Division.
Rodgers had escaped from the Ocho Rios lock-up on August 5, 2022, while being held in custody for illegally possessing a firearm. However, after months of evading capture, law enforcement authorities were successful in their efforts to recapture him at around 12 pm yesterday.
With Rodgers now back in police custody, he awaits his upcoming court date to face the charges against him. It should be noted that this arrest marks a significant development in the case that has been ongoing since his escape.
The incident that led to Rodgers’ escape occurred in August last year when he and three other prisoners were discovered missing from their cells during routine cell checks conducted by police officers on duty around 1 am. 
The authorities were alerted to the escape when sounds were heard coming from the direction of the cell after the checks. Subsequent investigations revealed that the prisoners had managed to cut sections of the metal gates of their cells, enabling their escape.
Stay tuned for further updates on this case as it progresses.


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