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37 Haitians who entered Portland without authorization are in good health.

37 Haitians who entered Portland without authorization are “in good health.”

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37 Haitians

Attention-Grabbing Headline: “Breaking News: Haitian Immigrants Land in Portland, Jamaica – Find Out What’s Happening Next!”


In a recent development, 37 Haitians, including eight children, have arrived in Portland, Jamaica, seeking refuge. The local health officials have conducted thorough medical checks, ensuring that all individuals are in good health. Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, the Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, confirmed this during a post-Cabinet press briefing on Wednesday.

Safe Accommodation:

Following their arrival at Boston Beach in Portland, the authorities swiftly took action and provided shelter for the Haitian immigrants. The exact location of their undisclosed facility in St. Mary has been confirmed by the parish’s police.

Immediate Government Support:

The Jamaican Government has taken responsibility for meeting the immediate needs of the Haitian arrivals. Senator Johnson Smith emphasized that relevant arms of the government are working diligently to ensure the well-being of the immigrants. The Ministry of National Security is spearheading efforts in this regard and will release further details regarding their accommodation if deemed necessary.

Treatment and Future Decisions:

Although currently classified as illegal entrants, the Haitians are being provided with comfortable living conditions, including food and care. Senator Johnson Smith assured that the government will make future decisions and announcements regarding the treatment of this group in due course. It is crucial to note that no policy decisions regarding the arrival of Haitians in Jamaica have been made at this time.

Compliance with International Law:

Senator Johnson Smith highlighted that Jamaica abides by international law, particularly in matters related to asylum and refugee status. As of now, the Haitian arrivals have not made any claims under these categories. Consequently, they are being treated as illegal entrants, considering the capacity in which they have arrived. The government intends to discuss this matter further.


The arrival of 37 Haitians in Portland, Jamaica has sparked discussions on how best to address their situation. With all individuals reported to be in good health and receiving care, the government is actively working to ensure their immediate needs are met. Stay tuned for updates on the government’s decisions and plans regarding this group of immigrants.


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