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JLP’s PM Donates Half a Million to Church, Resolving AC System Issues

JLP’s PM Donates Half a Million to Church, Resolving AC System Issues

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Sup Title – Prime Minister Andrew Holness, representing the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Makes a Generous Donation to Portmore Church

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, on behalf of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), made a significant contribution of $500,000 to assist a church in Portmore with upgrading their air conditioning system. The donation took place during the National Church Service held at the Portmore Seventh Day Adventist Church on Port Henderson Road, where the JLP commemorated its 80th anniversary.

The announcement of the donation was met with resounding applause and appreciation from all those in attendance.

Expressing his commitment to the welfare of the Jamaican people and their overall improvement, Prime Minister Holness shared a heartfelt message on his social media platform. He highlighted that the JLP, since its establishment in 1943, has consistently strived for the advancement of social, economic, educational, and political conditions, particularly for small taxpayers, workers, and the general public.

Prime Minister Holness emphasized that this founding principle remains as relevant today as ever before. Despite the challenges faced in recent years, the JLP, now celebrating 80 years of existence, takes great pride in steering Jamaica forward with unwavering dedication.

Having laid a strong foundation, the JLP is now poised to implement transformative changes throughout the country, guided by the vision of a prosperous and thriving Jamaica.


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