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30 left homeless as firebombs & shots rain in central Kingston


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Over 30 people were left homeless after a fire gutted several homes in Central Kingston on Monday.

Initial reports coming from sources in the community are that the fire that destroyed the houses in sections of Smith Lane and James Street was believed to be started by criminals.  

A few residents claim that as they tried to save items from their houses they were forced to take cover as gunshots were heard.

Head of the Kingston Central Police Division, Superintendent Beresford Williams has however told Loop News in an interview early Tuesday that preliminary checks suggest that the fire started from electrical problems.

Police also provided an explanation about the shots that were heard.

”The explosions that were heard based on our checks may have been of ammunition in the fire,” said the Superintendent.

Police said even when they were on location working with firemen to extinguish the blaze explosions were still heard in at least one of the dwellings.

The senior policeman explained that it appeared ammunition was being stored in one of the dwellings that were destroyed by the fire.

Police said they could not find anyone in the area who was willing to confirm that they saw the gunmen during the fire, the authorities said explosions were in fact heard during the fire but those were of ammunition that was being burnt fire.

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