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Yet another b0mb thre@t, this time at a St. Mary School

Yet another b0mb threat, this time at a St. Mary School

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After receiving a bomb threat on Monday morning, police sent officers to the St. Mary High School in Highgate, St. Mary.

According to early reports, someone threatened the school’s principal by leaving her a voicemail warning her that there was a bomb on the school’s grounds.

After being informed, the facility was searched by the police and members of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

According to sources cited by TalkUpDiTingsDem News, the operation is still underway.

As some students are leaving for home, others are waiting outside the school’s front gate for news from administrators regarding whether or not lessons will continue today.
Other parts of the small town of Highgate are not under lockdown, despite what has been reported on social media.

This is the most recent bomb scare to occur on the north coast, following the cordoning off of parts of Ocho Rios after a tiktoker threatened to bomb a petrol station there.
The initiator has been encouraged by the police to surrender himself to them for interrogation.


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