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A portion of Ocho Rios is paralyzed by a pr@nk b0mb threat.

A portion of Ocho Rios is paralyzed by a “prank” bomb threat.

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After a bomb threat at a service station at the crossroads of Dacosta Drive and Milford Road in the tourist town of Ocho Rios, St. Ann, law enforcement officials’ quick action on Sunday restored normalcy to certain areas of the community.

According to a press release from the police, around 9am, the manager of a service station inside a large shopping mall received word that a bomb had been planted there.

Subsequently, a video was shared on social media in which a man claimed there was a bomb inside the service station and that he was demanding $20 million.

The Jamaica Fire Brigade, the Bomb Squad of the Constabulary, the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF), and various police units reacted.
As traffic was rerouted, the area and many other nearby businesses were extensively searched, but no explosives were discovered.

Nonetheless, while they step up their search for the threat’s originator, law enforcement is still present in the area strongly.
Police are warning people that making public mischief is a severe offense and that offenders may face legal action.
When everything had returned to normal, the police issued a second statement in which they claimed that the bomb threat in Ocho Rios had caused major interruptions in the town’s business activity and imposed an unnecessary amount of stress on its residents.

According to the press statement, it is believed that a person made the threat via the social networking site TikTok and claimed credit for it, calling it a “prank.”

“We would want to publicly ask that this person report to the nearest police station right now. We reassure him that our goal is to speak with him about today’s event and determine his role, the constabulary added.

“We implore the offender and every member of the public to understand the seriousness of such conduct. The JCF has already talked about the problem of social media pranks, and we continue to take a strong stand against such behaviors,” it continued.

“These ‘pranks’ are not innocuous; they have significant effects on social peace, economic activity, and public order.

They may disrupt lives, harm livelihoods, and cause unneeded fear and uncertainty among the public, as seen by today’s episode.

“The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is dedicated to upholding public safety and order, and we will take all necessary measures to ensure that any who violate this order are held accountable. Even as a joke, threatening to detonate a bomb is serious business, and it will be handled accordingly.

Hence, whether online or offline, we firmly advise everyone to abstain from engaging in these kinds of disruptive behaviors. Let’s work together to establish a safe and tranquil atmosphere in our beautiful Jamaica, where we uphold one another’s rights and coexist in peace.

Call the Ocho Rios police at 876-974-2533, Crime Stop at 311, the police 119 emergency line, or the closest police station if you have information that will help the police with their investigations.


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