Woman Charged with Stealing 11-Day-Old Baby at KPH


Shocking: Woman Charged with Stealing 11-Day-Old Baby at Kingston Public Hospital – Details Inside!


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Dive into the gripping account of a woman charged with stealing a newborn at KPH, uncovering
the chilling truths beneath the surface.

In a startling turn of events at Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), a 40-year-old woman, Sushana
Greenfield of Oxford Street in Kingston Central faces a child-stealing charge. The chilling
incident unfolded on Monday, March 11, sending shockwaves through the community.

According to reports from the Denham Town police, the harrowing episode transpired around 10:05
am when Greenfield approached a mother who was a wheelchair user, offering to assist her with the baby.
Tragically, what seemed like a gesture of goodwill soon turned sinister.

As the unsuspecting mother entrusted her precious child to Greenfield’s care, little did she
know it would lead to a nightmare. With cunning precision, Greenfield allegedly absconded with
the infant, leaving the distraught mother behind. Despite her desperate attempts to intervene,
the perpetrator vanished into thin air, leaving behind a trail of anguish and confusion.


Frantic efforts ensued as authorities launched a search, scouring every corner of the hospital compound in a bid to locate the missing infant and apprehend the perpetrator. Yet, amidst the chaos, hope emerged as a breakthrough came later that same day.

Acting on vital information, law enforcement descended upon North Cumberland Lane in Dunkirk, Kingston 16, where a heart-stopping discovery awaited them. There, amidst the shadows, lay the abducted baby girl, cradled in the arms of the alleged abductor, Sushana Greenfield.

Following her swift arrest, Greenfield now faces grave charges, marking a pivotal moment in a saga that has gripped the nation’s attention. With the wheels of justice set in motion, a court date looms on the horizon, promising closure for the traumatized family and a reckoning for the accused.

This riveting tale of betrayal and resilience serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the most unexpected of places. As the community grapples with shock and disbelief, one question lingers: what drives an individual to commit such heinous acts?

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