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Infant Abducted from Hospital Found in Dunkirk!

Infant Abducted from Hospital Found in Dunkirk!

Shocking Development: Police Confirm Recovery


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Discover the shocking story of an Infant Abducted was found in Dunkirk! Follow the gripping saga
of a mother’s worst nightmare turned miraculous rescue.

In a stunning turn of events, the 11-day-old baby girl, allegedly abducted from her mother at
Kingston Public Hospital has been located safe and sound! The latest update on the harrowing
incident reveals that the infant, named Kimoya Robe, was discovered in the vicinity of Dunkirk
in Kingston.

Senior Superintendent Michael Phipps, leading the Kingston Western Police Division, has officially
verified the recovery, bringing hope and relief to a troubled community.

The heart-wrenching saga unfolded when the unsuspecting mother, a wheelchair user, encountered
a familiar face during her routine clinic visit. Little did she know this seemingly benevolent
individual would perpetrate such a heinous act.

Under the guise of assistance, the perpetrator cunningly coaxed the mother into relinquishing her precious newborn. With deceitful promises and a momentary distraction, the perpetrator absconded with Kimoya, leaving the mother in a state of anguish and disbelief.

However, swift action and collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and concerned citizens culminated in the miraculous recovery of the abducted infant.

Stay tuned for further updates as authorities delve deeper into this alarming case.

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