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Violence Surges in St Catherine North Police Division

Shocking Shooting Incident in Spanish Town Market District Leaves One Dead, Several Injured – Violence Surges in St Catherine North Police Division

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In a devastating incident that sent shockwaves through the bustling Spanish Town market district, gunmen opened fire, resulting in one fatality and leaving at least four others injured. The rising violence in the St Catherine North Police Division has become a concerning issue, with recent reports of multiple murders in the area.

The tranquil afternoon shopping experience turned into a scene of terror when gunfire erupted in the Spanish Town market district on Tuesday. One man tragically lost his life, and four other individuals were left injured in the heart of the busy marketplace.

Superintendent Howard Chambers, the esteemed head of the St Catherine North Police Division, has confirmed the harrowing shooting incident. Authorities are actively investigating the matter, aiming to apprehend those responsible for this senseless act of violence.

Regrettably, the St Catherine North Police Division has been grappling with a distressing surge in violent incidents recently. In the

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