The prosecution conveyed to get ready for the case of brothers on 4-murder charges

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Supreme Court Judge, 

Justice Vinette Graham-Allen has urged prosecutors to ensure that the case files are ready so that a trial can be commenced in a reasonable time for two St Mary brothers who are charged with two double murders, including of a Chinese couple in St Elizabeth.

The accused men – 21-year-old Nigel Walters, otherwise called ‘Troy’, and 24-year-old Nicholas Walters, both residents of Charles Town district, St Mary – appeared in the Home Circuit Court via video link last week.

They have been jointly charged with four counts of murder.

The brothers have been implicated 

in the December 23, 2021 killing of 53-year-old Shiyun Shu and 48-year-old Haikong Wan during a robbery at their supermarket in southern St Elizabeth.

The men are also charged 

with the January 12, 2022 murders of 45-year-old businesswoman Sophia Brown and 58-year-old Bernie Lewis, a farmer and domestic helper, both of Long Hill district, Whitehouse, Westmoreland.

When the case was mentioned last week, Graham-Allen was informed by prosecutors that a further statement from the arresting officer was still outstanding in the matter.

The judge, at that juncture, 

ordered that all outstanding documents were to be submitted to the defense by the end of July of next year.

Nicholas is being represented by attorneys CJ Mitchell and Kerry-Ann Wilson, while Nigel has retained the services of attorney Denise Walker.

Graham-Allen pointed to the fact that the murders occurred between 2021 and early this year, and said: “everything must be ready for the case to be tried”.

The judge stressed as well, the need for the trial to take place in a reasonable time within the next two years.

The brothers were further remanded in custody until November 24 for a plea and case management hearing.

The police reported 

that the Chinese couple who operated Jojo’s Supermarket in Bellevue district, Southfield in St Elizabeth for eight years, was shot and killed by one of three robbers who posed as customers before making their deadly move on December 23, 2021.

The men subsequently fled the scene, but police later published their photographs, which were obtained from CCTV footage at the supermarket, which captured the incident.

The brothers allegedly also struck in Westmoreland, where they reportedly went to a grocery store and wholesale which was operated by Brown in Long Hill in that parish.

Reports are that 

on Wednesday, January 12 at about 2:10 pm, Brown was at her business establishment when the brothers allegedly entered the establishment posing as customers.

Brown, along with Lewis, who was also at the establishment, were assisting the men when the two men opened gunfire at them.

Both men then proceeded to take an undetermined sum of cash and grocery items from the business establishment.

The women were taken to the hospital, where they were both pronounced dead.

On Monday, February 7, 

both men were identified by a witness from CCTV footage that was taken from the establishment, which captured the incident.

They were charged days later following question-and-answer sessions with investigators.

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