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St Elizabeth Police’s Swift Action Foils Armed Robbery – Arrests Made

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St Elizabeth Police’s Swift Action Foils Armed Robbery – Arrests Made

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In a remarkable display of swift action, the St Elizabeth police successfully thwarted an attempted armed robbery in Braes River parish on Sunday, July 23. The police’s quick response led to the arrest of two men, preventing a potential tragedy. Read on for the full account of the incident.

At approximately 3:45 am, a bar owner in Braes River was alerted to a break-in at his establishment. Acting promptly, he investigated the scene only to encounter gun-wielding assailants travelling in a Toyota Voxy motor vehicle.

Fearing for his life, the bar owner reported the incident to the police, who sprang into action immediately. They intercepted a Toyota Corolla motorcar, believed to be a ‘pilot’ vehicle used in the criminal operation, in close proximity to the scene of the attempted robbery. The driver of the Toyota Corolla was promptly taken into custody.

With remarkable coordination, another team of officers managed to intercept the Toyota Voxy motor vehicle in the Elim district. However, upon the approach of the law enforcers, the men on board the vehicle opened fire, leading to a tense confrontation.

Despite the intense situation, the police responded with precision and returned fire. During the altercation, two of the assailants managed to escape, while a third was apprehended and taken into custody.

Thanks to the St Elizabeth police’s quick thinking and courageous actions, an armed robbery attempt in Braes River was thwarted. Both arrested men are now in custody, and the authorities have seized the two vehicles involved in the incident. The police continue their diligent investigations into the matter, ensuring the safety and security of the community.


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