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Shocking Gun Attack Leaves Woman Dead, Suspect Apprehended

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Chilling Crime Unveiled: Shocking Gun Attack Leaves Woman Dead, Suspect Apprehended

Shocking Gun Attack Leaves Woman Dead



A horrifying incident shook the community as a woman and her relative fell victim to a brutal gun attack. The accused shooter has been apprehended by the Westmoreland Police Division. Stay informed with TalkUpDitingsDem News for the latest updates on this chilling crime.

Introduction and Initial Details:

In a tragic turn of events, a gun attack claimed the life of 30-year-old Shantal Calder-Whittingham, known as ‘Pokie,’ from Brighton district, Little London in Westmoreland parish. This heart-wrenching incident unfolded on Saturday, August 12, sending shockwaves through the community.


Authorities from the Westmoreland Police Division took swift action, leading to the arrest and charging of the alleged shooter. The accused, identified as 23-year-old Odain Barron, who goes by ‘Bududup’ or ‘Indian,’ worked as a labourer in Coolie Town District, Paradise, Westmoreland.

The Incident and Escalation:

Reports from the Savanna-la-Mar Police revealed that the fateful incident occurred around 3:30 pm. Calder-Whittingham and her relatives were leaving their home when a group of four men, including someone with whom they had a dispute, approached them. 

The situation quickly escalated as gunshots were fired, hitting the victims, and the assailants fled the scene. The police were immediately notified, rushing to the scene where Calder-Whittingham and her relatives were found lying in a pool of blood. They were rushed to the hospital, but tragically, Calder-Whittingham succumbed to her injuries.

Arrest and Charges:

Law enforcement’s relentless pursuit led to Barron’s arrest during an operation on Friday, August 25. Following his arrest, Barron cooperated with the police, providing a caution statement. Subsequently, he faced charges of murder, shooting with intent, and unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon. The community awaits his court date as justice takes its course.

Conclusion and Updates:

As the legal proceedings unfold, the community remains on edge, seeking answers and closure. The shocking incident has left a lasting impact, and TalkUpDitingsDem News is committed to providing timely updates on this developing story.

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