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Shocking Back-to-Back Shootings Claims two Lives

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Double Tragedy Strikes St. Ann’s Bay: Shocking Back-to-Back Shootings Claim Lives of Electrician ‘Rooster’ and Shopkeeper ‘Blista’

Shocking Back-to-Back Shooting

In a heartbreaking incident in Seville Heights, St. Ann’s Bay, the lives of two men, 40-year-old electrician Ojay Grant (‘Rooster’) and 37-year-old shopkeeper Tyrone Duffus (‘Blista’), were abruptly cut short in separate attacks by unidentified gunmen. The shocking events unfolded early Sunday morning, sending shockwaves through the community.

Witness the latest St. Ann’s Bay tragedy, where ‘Rooster’ and ‘Blista’ faced ruthless gunmen in back-to-back attacks. Stay informed on the ongoing police investigation into this heart-wrenching incident.

💔 Tragic Sequence of Events:

Discover the harrowing details as Tyrone Duffus is gunned down in his shop at midnight, in front of his children. The assailants then proceed to Ojay Grant’s residence, forcibly entering and mercilessly ending his life. Both victims were rushed to the hospital but were pronounced dead upon arrival.

🚨 Police Probe and Community Grief:

Unravel the ongoing police efforts to unveil the motive behind these brutal killings. Join the community in mourning as they grapple with the loss of two lives, seeking answers and justice.

Explore the heart-wrenching narrative, stay updated on the investigation, and join the community in mourning. This gripping account demands attention, promising a blend of tragedy, mystery, and a quest for justice.

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