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60 Students Fall Ill from Cannabis-Infused Weed Sweets!

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Breaking: Ocho Rios Primary School Horror as 60 Students Fall Ill from Cannabis-Infused ‘Weed Sweets’! Urgent Warning Issued

60 Students Fall Ill from Cannabis


Description: Discover the shocking incident at Ocho Rios Primary School where over 60 students fell seriously ill after consuming alleged cannabis-laced sweets. Chaos erupted, and urgent police action is underway. 

Uncover the disturbing details and learn how to safeguard your children from such dangerous products. 🚨😱 #SchoolEmergency #SafetyFirst

In a disturbing incident at Ocho Rios Primary School, chaos ensued when more than 60 students reported feeling seriously ill after consuming a specific type of sweets, suspected to be laced with cannabis. The vendor responsible for selling these questionable sweets remains unidentified and is urgently sought by the police.

The unsettling reports indicate that the students purchased the sweets earlier in the day, and soon after consumption, they began experiencing severe health issues, including collapsing. The elusive male vendor vanished from the vicinity, reportedly disappearing after being confronted by other vendors.

To address the emergency, school administrators utilized a bus to transport the affected students to St Ann’s Bay Hospital for immediate medical attention. While most students have been treated and released, a few remain under medical care and observation.

Education and Youth Minister Fayval Williams expressed her concern on social media platforms, sharing a photo of the reported cannabis-laced sweet that caused students to “vomit” and “hallucinate.” Urging parents to talk to their children about the risks associated with such products, Williams emphasized the gravity of the situation.

🚨 Key Takeaways:
– Over 60 students fall ill after consuming suspected cannabis-laced sweets.
– Urgent police search for unidentified male vendor.
– Chaos unfolds at Ocho Rios Primary School.
– Students were transported to St Ann’s Bay Hospital for medical treatment.
– Education Minister issues warning on social media.

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