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Rage boils in St Ann where guys looted Cowpens; cops amplify investigation


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Police say they have stepped up their investigation into the case where four men, two of them senior farmers, were reportedly held with stolen cattle believed to be from several farms in the parish of St Ann.

Following news of the probe fuming farmers, in the area, are calling on local authorities and the Government to impose stiffer penalties to clamp down on predial larceny.

“Make the laws as strict as the new proposed gun fines; 15 years or more minimum for those caught stealing from farmers,” one farmer suggested.

As it relates to the men held police said the individuals were apprehended in the Alexandria area of the parish on Friday transporting stolen cattle in two trucks that had the name of a patty company.

And as the police carry out their checks tempers are still flaring among farmers, in and around the area where the cows were stolen.

“So right now like how them increasing the gun law, a same so them to make cow thief, goat thief, banana thief and anything to do with Agriculture get some wicked sentence,” said one farmer from the parish who asked not to be named out of fear that he would be targeted if he spoke out openly.

“Up to 15 years or more. No joke thing. Farmers work too hard and Nuff farmers like me are glad to get a break and go overseas. It is too much. Police them don’t serious about the thief them, but I glad them to catch those and a one and two men get back their cow,” said another farmer.

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