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PM asks MPs not to indulge in political “ava cass.”

PM asks MPs not to indulge in political “ava cases.”

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness has advised lawmakers to avoid squabbling with the Integrity Commission.

“We should not indulge in political cass cass,” Prime Minister Holness remarked.

He spoke on the move to adjourn the House of Representatives sitting on Tuesday at Gordon House.

The prime minister’s statements were in response to MPs’ concerns about the work and operation of the Integrity Commission.

“We are a country of laws,” Holness added, “and the rule of law is supreme, and the Parliament is the tool through which we produce laws.”
“The Commissions are given authority by the laws passed by Parliament.” The Parliament allows members who are dissatisfied or who wish to make a personal statement to express their views within this House and enjoy the protection of the Parliament in doing so… “It has been used,” he added.
While acknowledging that MPs’ concerns were legitimate, Holness maintained that “we must always remember we are the legislators, and we have the power given to us by the electorate to change the laws… to make them more effective and stronger in the public interest, and to make them fair, just, and effective.”

If the existing rules do not provide the framework for them to function properly, the prime minister stated, “we have to ask everyone in this House to develop the legislation to ensure that those Commissions that report to us… that we have supervision over in Parliament… perform well.”

He emphasized that the Joint Select Committee studying the Integrity Commission Act, as well as the Oversight Committee, should pick up the pace and meet more regularly.

“They should evaluate the law more thoroughly to ensure that we have a law that works in Jamaica, and if there are concerns, the Oversight Committee should assemble and fix those issues,” Holness said.

“What has developed today in the public realm is not healthy for our nation, and if someone believes they are winning, they are driving to the disintegration of institutions,” he continued.

The Integrity Commission is a parliamentary commission controlled by the Integrity Commission Act of 2017.

It aims to combat corruption by developing, implementing, and enforcing anti-corruption laws, policies, and initiatives.


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