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Nothing but a Ganja Smoking Den Sykes Brands Supreme Court

Nothing but a Ganja Smoking Den Sykes Brands Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court in downtown Kingston is hosting what Chief Justice Bryan Sykes describes as the largest ganja smoking session in Jamaica.
He claims that the structure has turned into a haven for prisoners housed in holding cells to smoke ganja.
He informed the cops that the smoking, which penetrates the entire building, had to cease.
He claims that in addition to the Supreme Court being a no-smoking environment, court employees and other staff members may have been diagnosed with lung-related conditions like asthma, which could lead to further concerns.
He continues by saying it is obvious the prisoners had access to a bare flame.
According to Justice Sykes, this creates the conditions for someone to start a fire.
He encouraged the authorities to seize control of the situation because such action is not only forbidden but also risky.

Yesterday, immediately after the One Don Klansman Gang trial’s lunch break, he made these remarks.

Justice Sykes has brought up these issues in the past.

He issued a dire warning to the police in 2019.

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