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Likely Destroyed Missing Influencer’s body says police

‘Likely Destroyed’: Missing Influencer’s body says police

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Donna-lee Donaldson, a social media influencer, was probably murdered.

Fitz Bailey, the deputy commissioner of police in charge of the portfolio for crime, says this.

Donaldson was allegedly killed on Tuesday, July 12, 2022, according to the police.
Investigators think she was slain between 4 and 8 o’clock.
Police Constable Noel Maitland, who was her lover, is still being held on murder charges.
He is also accused of hindering the proper interment of a corpse.
In October of last year, his request for bail was turned down.
The 24-year-corpse old’s was located after a thorough search by the police last summer.
The Riverton City Dump and hospitals had both been searched.
DCP Bailey claims that the Police have not received any new information on the possible disposition of Donaldson’s body on TalkItUp This Morning.

Fitz Bailey is the deputy police commissioner in charge of the crime portfolio.
On Wednesday, July 13, Donaldson was reported missing to the police.
According to reports, Constable Maitland was the last person to see her alive.
On Thursday, there will be a plea and case management hearing in this subject.

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