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JPS warns of impending significant service interruptions | TalkUpDiTingsDem News

JPS warns of impending significant service interruptions.

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The Jamaica Public Service Corporation (JPS) has informed its customers that it would be performing customer service enhancements as part of its ongoing digital transformation, which will cause brief delays for certain of the company’s services.
The upgrade process will go from April 6 through April 12, 2023.
Winsome Callum, Director of Corporate Communications at JPS, stated that the goal of this modification was to increase customer service effectiveness. In a statement, she continued, “The goal is to improve customer service platforms and automate some back-office operations to make the customer support experience more smooth.
The business described the predicted service interruptions in the announcement.

During the update time, several services were disrupted.

The following delays will occur from April 6 to April 12 during the upgrading period:

• Payments won’t appear until after April 12 in the system. All payment methods, nevertheless, will be accessible.

• During this time, no new connections will be created.

• Although the due date will be extended to allow certain customers the same amount of time to pay, some customers’ invoices will be late.

Customers may encounter delays following the upgrade while JPS staff work to clear backlogs and address any issues.

Consumers can still contact the JPS Customer Service Center at 888CALLJPS, 888-225-5577, or 888-935-5577 for support, as well as the MyJPS Mobile App, webchat at jpsco.com, and social media outlets @myjpsonline.

If they choose not to wait on the phone line, the customers are also informed that they may save time by choosing the self-serve option on the phone lines or the call-back option, which would have a person contact them back.

The corporation claimed that customer service improvement will improve the overall customer experience.

JPS, the biggest electric utility in the nation, provides service to over 680,000 clients nationwide.

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