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Is Merl Grove High in Breach of Covid-19 Protocols ???


You might have seen the news item were a school was featured having a school function with a large gathering of students. Indications are that this could be in breach of the covid-19 regulations. If our schools do not abide by the regulations, then what do you expect from the children. This matter must be properly investigated and if the principal or any one broke the law, then penalties must flow. The school board must act!

Note that we have not heard any further information about that company in New Kingston where it is alleged there were breaches of the Disaster Risk Management Act during the preparation for a function. Reports are that music could be heard during the covid-19 curfew hours coming from the company building.

Under the government’s Disaster Risk Management Act, there are rules to follow which include how many persons are to be at certain locations at one time. One television station showed us on news last night that a significant number of students were in one location at the Merl Grove High School in Kingston.

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The chairman of the board, the principal, and also the chaplain of the school who were at the school function speaking need to make some public statements. Persons are quite concerned that when other persons are in breach of the Disaster Risk Management Act, then they are loaded into trucks and taken to a police station.

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