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Is Information Being Withheld On Selected Crimes?

 Is  Information Being Withheld On Selected Crimes? 

I find it suspicious that it takes so long for information on some murder cases to be made public. You will recall that this blog mentioned the killing of of William Dewar long before it was in the public domain. William Dewar was murdered on Monday Afternoon, June 7, at

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Oakland Apartments near Constant Spring. Many persons heard it first on this blog on Tuesday afternoon. The story did not make it in traditional media until about Thursday June 10. 
Now another business man has lost his life from last week Thursday, June 10, and this is just hitting the news today June 15. He is Mr. Gerald Wight a retired business man. Is there a news block on on these things? One newspaper says the police is unsure of how Mr. Wight lost his life.
Well the police needs to interrogate every close member of  the Wight family thoroughly and others close persons to the family. Questions such as did anyone break into his house, was anything stolen, how he was killed and approximately what time he was killed. I am sure that if the police can get answers to these questions, then they will find out who the killers are, or the killer  is. 

Interesting days are ahead. By the way there were two killings in the Mountain View area yesterday. Have you seen that in the press?
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