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The Government Has Created A System To Wreck Car Owners

 The Government Has Created A System To Wreck Car Owners

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Good day everyone, today on TalkUpDiTingsDem News, we will be talking about a corrupted government system that wrecks Jamaican car owners as a former Transport Minister once said, “The law is not always justice”. He did not state the extent to which it can be imbecilic. Follow me on this one: 
One is driving a properly licensed motor vehicle. The registration certificate and license plate show this. The license disc on the windscreen however got damaged while the plastic was being separated from the disc itself. The”LA number is unclear. You are ticketed to pay JMD $1000. 

The litany of woes unfurl however when you are not sent to the tax office to replace it, but your vehicle is wrecked to a car pound, imposing on you wrecking fee, pound storage fee, and the owner going back and forth lasting up to a whole day between the pound, police headquarters, Transport Authority and the Tax Office. 

They unleash on you a wrecking company that is private to charge you as they feel. This matter of vehicle seizure to my mind needs exploring, It looks like extortion and racketeering to me, unbridled. The police are on the take with the companies. I’m going through this as we speak. Hoping you can interrogate the process with more than one stakeholder/villain participating.

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