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Four people were hurt in a drive-by shooting in Central Kingston during noon.

Four people were hurt in a drive-by shooting in Central Kingston at noon.

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Four people were hurt

Four Men were Injured in a Shooting Incident at Beeston Street and Texx Lane, Central Kingston


In a distressing incident on Friday at the intersection of Beeston Street and Texx Lane in Central Kingston, four men were shot and injured. 

The victims, who were engaged in gully-cleaning activities in the area, were having lunch when unidentified individuals arrived on a motorcycle. One of the assailants dismounted from the motorcycle and opened fire, hitting all four men.

Emergency services promptly rushed the victims to the Kingston Public Hospital, where their current medical conditions remain undisclosed.

Local authorities, specifically the Kingston Central police, have cordoned off the area and initiated an investigation into the incident.

This unfortunate occurrence comes in the wake of a recent call for peace. Consequently, members of the community now find themselves disoriented and bewildered, struggling to comprehend the true nature of these events. Some have even begun contemplating leaving the community permanently, seeking solace elsewhere.

As a dedicated reporter and editor, I find it crucial to provide my perspective on the stories I come across. I firmly believe that home is where the heart is, and considering the current state of affairs in Jamaica, it seems that relocating may not necessarily offer a complete escape from similar challenges—merely a location change.

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