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Massive Firearms Seizure in St James!

Green Heights Mews Entrepreneur Faces Multiple Charges After Massive Firearms Seizure in St James!

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Massive Firearms Seizure in St James!

In a groundbreaking operation led by the Joint Anti-Gang Task Force (JAGTF) in Green Height Mews, Green Pond, St James, a 48-year-old entrepreneur, Sheryl McCallum, is facing a slew of charges after the seizure of five firearms, including three rifles, and a staggering 466 assorted rounds of ammunition on Thursday, July 13. This shocking incident has left the community in disbelief and has drawn significant attention from local authorities.

Massive Firearm Haul in St James!

The JAGTF’s targeted operation led to a remarkable discovery, with law enforcement officers discovering an extensive cache of prohibited weapons and ammunition at the premises of Green Heights Mews. The seizure included three rifles, two pistols, and a substantial stockpile of 5.56 and 9mm rounds.

Local Entrepreneur Caught in Possession of Dangerous Weapons

Among those charged in connection with the seizure is Sheryl McCallum, a 48-year-old entrepreneur residing at Green Heights Mews. The investigation unveiled evidence suggesting her involvement in stockpiling, dealing, and possession of prohibited weapons.

Charges Pile Up for McCallum

The extent of McCallum’s alleged criminal activities has led to a lengthy list of charges. These include stockpiling of prohibited weapons, dealing in prohibited weapons, and sixteen counts of possession of prohibited weapons. 
Additionally, she faces charges of unauthorized possession of ammunition, possession of assorted firearm parts, and unauthorized use of premises for storage of firearms and ammunition.
As the court date is being finalized, the local community remains stunned by the gravity of the situation. The incident has put a spotlight on the need for continued efforts to combat gun-related crimes in St James. 
Authorities are closely monitoring the case, and concerned citizens hope for justice to prevail in this alarming situation. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.


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