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Four Men, Including Top Most, Wanted (AK Man) Gunned Down

Breaking News! Four Men, Including Top Most, Wanted ‘AK Man,’ Gunned Down in Central Village, St Catherine

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Top Most, Wanted 'AK Man,' Gunned Down


Breaking news from Central Village, St Catherine! The St Catherine South Police Division is actively investigating a harrowing incident that resulted in the death of four individuals, including the division’s most wanted criminal, ‘AK Man.’ The tragedy unfolded early Friday morning, leaving the community in shock and grief.

The deceased have been identified as follows:

1. Justin McGregor, also known as ‘AK Man,’ held the notorious position of being at the top of the St Catherine South Most Wanted list.
2. Mark Ellis, widely recognized as ‘Frassy T.’
3. An individual known solely by the alias ‘Mento.’
4. Another man, only identified as ‘Utterman.’

According to reports from the Central Village police, the tranquillity of the area was shattered around 3:30 am when residents heard terrifying explosions. The bodies of the four men were later discovered at approximately 8 am, bearing multiple gunshot wounds.

The police swiftly responded to the alert, and the crime scene was promptly secured and investigated. Justin McGregor, the supposed leader of the Jaggy Jaggy Gang, was no stranger to the police’s radar, given his prominent position on the St Catherine South Most Wanted list.

Investigators are currently exploring the possibility of an internal feud that may have led to this tragic event. As the community grapples with the loss of four lives, the authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for justice.

Stay tuned for further updates on this heart-wrenching incident that has left the entire Central Village in mourning.

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