Four Injured in Dramatic Morning Collision!

Four Injured in Dramatic Morning Collision!

Terrifying Dash-Cam Footage: Fiery Highway Crash Leaves Four Injured in Dramatic Morning Collision!

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Witness the terrifying aftermath of a fiery highway crash! Dash-cam footage captures the dramatic collision leaving four injured and fighting for survival. In a heart-stopping incident this morning, a Toyota Corolla on the East-West Highway careened into chaos, leaving four individuals with severe burns after a horrifying collision. Dash-cam footage of the incident captured the harrowing moment as the vehicle smashed into the median, erupting into flames and engulfing one man in a terrifying inferno.

As the clock struck 7:30 am, commuters were met with chaos near the Bodles entrance to the highway. Another vehicle’s sudden appearance on the road forced evasive action from the Corolla’s driver. Desperate to avoid a catastrophic collision, the driver swerved sharply, only to collide with the unforgiving median, igniting a ferocious blaze that threatened all inside.

Miraculously, the occupants managed to escape the engulfing flames, but not without sustaining grievous burns. Rushed to the hospital in critical condition, their survival hangs in the balance, a testament to the devastating impact of this morning’s collision.


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