Drone Stores Coming Soon After Electric Busses

Drone Stores Coming Soon After Electric Busses

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The first electric bus has arrived. We don’t have a drone shot but we will be getting one soon.

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Absolutes – @Absolute_007
Replying to @NestaJA

Of course, you know that this is not sustainable. The rush to ditch fossil fuels around the world without a proper infrastructure in place is juvenile, to say the least. Will these buses be charged with wind or solar energy? If not, this may be supporting environmental hoaxes.

Mark 🇯🇲 @Junior2uu
Replying to @Absolute_007 and @NestaJA
1 electric bus is rushed?? my God I strongly believe unoh just bitter and bad mind God knows 1 electric bus reach Jamaica and you say it’s rushed imagine if a did 50 just wait man unoh stagnant and backward.
Nivlac Rrac @CalvinC42722136
Replying to @NestaJA
Why dis country’s MP won’t stop beat di people dem? More ribbon cutting, more PR, and more work for the people.

Sideman#5 #🇯🇲 @emotions_zero
Replying to @NestaJA
Is there a company out there that cleans the interior of the buses during their downtime? 
Cause the seat dem dutty bad
D’HendrixXx @d_hendrixxx
Here’s a great idea for JUTC to increase efficiency and public trust in the company. Install GPS devices in all buses on the road and create a JUTC app that will show where on the road the bus is and the expected time for it to get to the next bus stop etc.

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