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Drivers rush to pay fines as a new traffic law approaches – the court buckles under the pressure

Drivers rush to pay fines as a new traffic law approaches; the court buckles under the pressure

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Prior to the progressive introduction of the new Road Traffic Act (2018) and the Road Traffic Regulations, 2022 on February 1, thousands of disgruntled drivers lined up in huge queues outside the Kingston and St. Andrew Traffic Court on Tuesday morning.
However, as Shaloy Smikle explains, many were dissatisfied since the court personnel finds it difficult to manage the enormous amount of transactions that are being requested of them.
The number of drivers that arrived at the Traffic Court in Kingston, some as early as three on Tuesday morning, exceeded the capacity of the traffic court system.
The court system is under pressure, according to Kediesh Fletcher, Director of Communication at the Court Administration Division.
It’s anticipated that drivers with six or more unpaid fines won’t be able to show up in court before the deadline at midnight. The fact that court officials must physically checkboxes to find unpaid fines adds to the delays at the Traffic Court.

This has proven to be a considerable obstacle, according to Mrs. Fletcher.

Given the volume of foot and vehicular traffic in the vicinity, South Camp Road was off-limits to anybody not attending the Traffic Court.

Mrs. Fletcher is requesting that drivers avoid the Traffic Court if they are not already there.

Customers who have outstanding fines and are awaiting a court date are encouraged to contact, according to the Court Administration Division.

At midnight, the new Road Traffic Act and electronic ticketing system will go into force.

In contrast, the St. Catherine Parish Court on Tuesday was far more tranquil than Kingston’s Corporate Area Traffic Court.

When TalkUpDiTingsDem News visited the court, there was just one line of about 15-20 cars waiting outside to have their copies of tickets stamped. The court workers processed them fast.

One driver remarked that the St. Catherine Parish Court procedure was simpler than in Kingston.

Similar to Monday in Kingston, St. Catherine drivers thought the reprieve needed to be extended. One driver recommended settling tickets at tax offices rather than appearing in court.

The Black River Court House in St. Elizabeth and St. Ann’s Traffic Court were comparable to St. Catherine when TalkUpDiTingsDem News visited. Only a few drivers were waiting in line to be processed.

On February 1st, the New Road Traffic Act goes into force.

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