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Dr. Dahlia McDaniel Explains Why There Is No Covid-19 Positivity Rate !!!

 Dr. Dahlia McDaniel Explains Why There Is No Covid-19 Positivity Rate !!!

Dr. Dahlia McDaniel 

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The positivity rate for COVID-19 is the percentage of all coronavirus tests done in 24 hours, which are positive. Some persons who are COVID-19 positive do not go to get tested, so the rate does not show the full picture of COVID-19 in a region or country.
However, the daily positivity rate is useful to public health officials to help them track the rate of transmission of the virus and to make assessments about what (further) public health preventive measures are needed to help to slow the spread.

So on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 there were 60 positive tests in Jamaica for SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). This yielded a positivity rate of 7.8% according to the Ministry of Health and Wellness COVID-19 Clinical Management Summary posted on June 23. Medical technologists had to do about 12 tests for COVID-19 on Tuesday, in order to find one positive result.

The WHO recommended in May 2021, that the positivity rate for a country should remain below 5% for 2 weeks or more, before its government considers reopening. Some countries have established for themselves positivity rate ‘thresholds’ which are lower than 5% in order to determine when to shut down schools and other public places, while others have a higher positivity rate threshold than 5%, before they take such action.

Some media houses used to announce routinely the COVID-19 positivity rate for Jamaica at least once per day. This is not being done anymore.

It is great that we are able to find the positivity rate for Jamaica on the Ministry of Health and Wellness website, but it would be very convenient if the positivity rate for the country was published or announced at least once per day.

This would help members of the public to gauge the COVID-19 status of the country, especially since the country will be opening up somewhat in the next few days.

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