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No Longer Will Jillian Turnbull’s Voice Be Hearing On This Earth

 Will No Longer Be Hearing Jillian Turnbull’s Voice On This Earth

Jillian Turnbull

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I have just received reports from a number of Ex-Air Jamaica staffers that Jamaica’s most famous receptionist has passed on. Besides being a receptionist at the then Air Jamaica Offices at Harbour Street in Kingston, Jamaica, Jillian was oftentimes the MC and announcer at those large trade shows at the National Arena. As an Air Jamaica staff, I used to feel proud to hear the lovely voice of  Jillian Turnbull booming over the speakers in the National Arena. She always made sure that her diction and pronunciations were right. 

When she had to make an announcement at Air Jamaica, sometimes she would call me and read the announcement just to make sure that she got it right. After the announcement sometimes she would call me and say, “Mr. Derby you are an eloquent man, a well-educated man, please tell me if that was OK”.
I would tell her the obvious that she was good. She would then bust out into raucous laughter and said, “Thanks Mr. Derby”.

When you find another receptionist in Jamaica who is as dedicated and is that good at her craft, please let me know. Jillian Turnbull loved her job and she was dammed good at it. She brought prestige to her job. Jillian Turnbull I believe is the most famous receptionist I have ever known in this country. She was after all the voice of the little piece of Jamaica that flies – Air Jamaica. May her soul rest in peace.

Click the picture below to hear the memorable voice of Jillian Turnbull

Note: Thanks to Kevin Lue and Orette Parker for the sound clip and picture.

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