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Can You Be A Parish Councillor & An MP At The Same Time!!!

 Can You Be A Parish Counselor & An MP At The Same Time!!!

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Mr. Golding

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If you have a week’s heart in this country you cannot last a day. There is hardly a day that passes and it is not another excitement. Today I had my own excitement and I nearly had a heart attack.

I could not believe it when I found out that two members of parliament are also members of parish councils! I will not call the MPs names at this time because I don’t want this discussion to descend into the political party gutter politics. That means these MPs should be getting two salaries because they have two positions in representational politics each! Would funds be allocated to each of them as  MPs and also as councilors? 

Mr. PM yuh didn’t know?

We already have a situation where local government does not enjoy the autonomy that it ought to enjoy. Also, one is not sure these days what is the role of an MP and what is the role of a councilor. Sometimes I feel that the parish councilor is the MP’s water boy. 

I would love to hear from my legal friends if this has ever happened in any other commonwealth county?

Hopefully, our MPs can take a break from fighting for seats and fight for the integrity of the system – right Mr. PM and Leader of the Opposition?

Note: I received information from a member of the Cabinet and also a senator who is a lawyer. Both agree that when you are elected as an MP if you are a councilor then the moment you are elected as an MP, you are no longer a councilor. A mayor disagrees and says the regulation to end the term of a councilor the moment he has been elected as an MP has not come into effect.

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