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Music To The World Produced By Jamaicans – ‘Obviously Jamaican’

 Music To The World Produced By Jamaicans – ‘Obviously Jamaican’

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Wilburn Henry the writer of this new song ‘Typical Jamaican’, was born and raised in Cole Gate, St. Ann on the island of Jamaica. He wrote his first song when he was thirteen years old. Wilburn was very active in music and drama in high school and also at church. 
In 1989 one of his songs came in the top ten of the Jamaica Festival Song Competition. That song was called Fama Man. 

He subsequently migrated to Canada in 1991 and that same year his group ‘Hot & Dangerous’, was a finalist in the Jones And Jones Talent Search. Jones & Jones was started by two Jamaicans, Denise, and Allan Johnson.

Hot & Dangerous release one single in Jamaica called ‘Light my Fire’. He then went solo and released ‘Can We Save The World’ which was followed by the release of his first album called ‘Life’.

The song ‘Typical Jamaican’, which has been released recently is called Typical Jamaican and is performed by Rojjah, Rojjah. Rojjah is one of Jamaica’s leading performers on the North Coast. He has performed on major shows in Jamaica and also overseas.


It seems as if Typical Jamaica was written by Wilburn Henry, specifically for Rojjah. His distinctive tone backed by the pulsating reggae rhythm is a piece of Jamaica that will take the world by storm.
Word on the ground is that Rojjah will be the new lead singer for the Toots Hibbert band. This song which I am sure will be a part of his repertoire is sure to take the world by storm

Rojjah is affiliated with Artistes For Change

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