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Car-Stealing Ring Dismantled in Gordonwood District

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Breaking News: Car-Stealing Ring Dismantled in Gordonwood District – Recovered Vehicles and Hotline for Identification!

Car-Stealing Ring Dismantled

In a remarkable turn of events, the police have successfully dismantled a major car-stealing ring operating in the Gordonwood district, Church Pen, St Catherine. This groundbreaking operation, which took place on Sunday, has led to the arrest of two individuals and the recovery of an impressive haul of 11 stolen motor vehicles.

The seized vehicles include six Nissan AD wagons, a Nissan Tida, a Mitsubishi Lancer, two Toyota Wish, and a Toyota Avensis. Additionally, a substantial cache of suspected stolen car parts was confiscated during the operations.

Authorities are actively working to connect these recovered vehicles with their rightful owners. If you have reported your car stolen, we urge you to come forward and identify whether your vehicle matches the descriptions of any of those recovered. The police have set up a dedicated hotline at 876-203-365 for this purpose, making it easy for you to reclaim your stolen property.

The swift and efficient response of the Old Harbour police has instilled hope in the community, as they believe this major bust will significantly curtail car theft activities in St Catherine and improve overall security. With your help and vigilance, we can work together to combat car theft and related crimes effectively.

At St Catherine South Police, we are committed to safeguarding our community from such criminal activities. By staying alert and reporting any suspicious activities, you play a crucial role in preventing future incidents of this nature.

If you’re searching for reliable updates on local crime news and community safety, stay tuned to our website. Together, let’s build a safer environment for everyone.


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