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Breaking News – Back To Normal Tomorrow Says Jamaica Medical Doctors Association

 Breaking News – Back To Normal Tomorrow Says Jamaica Medical Doctors Association

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I just obtained information indicating that the meeting between the Minister of Health and other ministry officials and the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association have come to an agreement. Therefore, normal operations at all government health facilities will resume at 0800 hours EST tomorrow, July 2, 2021.
Minister Tufton, the man who has been under intense pressure for over a year now can sigh a brief sigh of relief tonight. Why brief? There could be other hurdles tomorrow and remember that Covid-19 is still in residence. We should also bear in mind that many are rejoicing that July 1 was emancipation day and could spell more troubles.

Very reliable sources have said that the agreement is for all doctors on 6 months or 1-year contracts to be upgraded to 2 – 3 year contracts effective today. Some have already been made effective and for the others, this will be dealt with within the next three weeks.

Outstanding gratuity will be paid by the end of August. First in an increment of 30% then 40% and finally 30%.

For the 143 doctors without work, a needs analysis will be done to integrate these doctors into the system.

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