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Ann-Marie Vaz MP – Talks About Her Constituency

 Speaking About Her Constituency Today Is MP (Ann-Marie Vaz) 

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Eastern Portland eyes the development of an integrated business complex, The Boundbrook Industrial Estate, which promises an amalgamation of government and private sector entities on over 140,000 sq ft of land.
Speaking at a Stakeholder Meeting on June 10, Member of Parliament for Eastern Portland, Ann-Marie Vaz, lauded the development as the constituency which has suffered from the lack of development and public services.

“Being a resident of this constituency, I can attest to the immense potential that abides especially within the youth and their hunger for their home to receive the infrastructure and investment needed to maximize on how much they can accomplish,” Mrs. Vaz said.

The development of The Boundbrook Industrial Estate is a partnership between the Factories Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ) and the National Insurance Fund (NIF) with the intention of creating business and employment opportunities, boosting economic activities, as well as expanding and reducing congestion within the Port Antonio township. The impacts of this development will not only serve the people of Eastern Portland but will benefit the entire parish and region.

The Boundbrook will house government offices such as the Portland Municipal Corporation, the Tax Office and the Registrar General’s Department in an area referred to as the ‘Municipal Square’.

On the other hand, the private sector zone will include commercial and retail units to accommodate a fast food establishment with a drive-thru, financial institutions, medical facilities, restaurants, a sports bar and lounge, a supermarket, and notably, the provision of a space for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

There is an allotted 65,000 sq ft of space for the provision and creation of a BPO industry in Portland Eastern, which will significantly increase job opportunities for individuals, especially youth.

“This unprecedented development along with the South Coast Highway Improvement Project will cater to an influx of new businesses and will provide limitless economic growth and job creation,” said Mrs. Vaz.

Member of Parliament Ann-Marie Vaz lauds the Government of Jamaica for this much-needed investment in the people and parish. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy has taken a hit, but Mrs. Vaz is hopeful that investments like these will help Jamaica to build back stronger.

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