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Alleged ‘Clans’ associates mom, testifies today that her son is ‘calm’ and ‘shy’


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The mother of Brian Morris, one of the supposed individuals from the One Don group of the Clansman pack, says her child is a well-behaved resident who is “extremely modest” and isn’t fit for being important for a criminal association.

Morris’ mom was on Monday called to the testimony box to give proof of her child’s personality quality during the continuous pack preliminary in the Home Circuit Court in midtown Kingston.

The guard for 23 of the 28 excess denounced has wrapped up their cases and reactions to the proof marshaled by the arraignment since the preliminary began in September of the year before.

Morris, in his unsworn proclamation from the dock last Wednesday, said he is a welder, and denied being an individual from any posse.

He additionally discredited the declaration from two previous hoodlums turned-state-witnesses that he had taken orders from the supposed posse pioneer, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, to shoot and murder people.

On Monday, Morris’ mom portrayed him as being “exceptionally timid” and “extremely calm”, adding that he is a focused individual who deals with his own.

She let the court know that when she heard that her child was accused of being important for a criminal association, she was crushed.

She said Morris didn’t have the personal qualities of being associated with crimes.

“The youngster I have, Brian, isn’t equipped for being in a posse,” the lady told the court.

She said she brought up the entirety of her kids to be decent residents, and she expected something exactly like that from Morris.

When inquired as to whether Morris dwelled with her, the lady said that in spite of the fact that he was not living with her before his capture, she talked with him every day.

She was likewise found out if her child had given her any motivation to accept that he was an individual from the One Don group of the Clansman posse.

Accordingly, she just said: “No”.

In the meantime, the safeguard for denounced Kalifa Williams experienced a blow on Monday after proof that was expected to be introduced for his sake was dismissed for not satisfying the guideline of the Evidence Act.

Williams’ lawyer, Abina Morris, had mentioned data on the affirmation of prisoners at the Horizon Remand Center.

A ranking staff official at that restorative office took the testimony box to give proof comparative with that data on Monday.

The ranking staff official affirmed that he was not the individual who made the confirmation records that were mentioned for court, however, he directed a sub-official who arranged the records.

Morris endeavored to scrutinize the official who was in court, yet the arraignment mediated and protested the observer being addressed.

The crown contended that the establishment had not been laid out for the official to affirm, as he was not the maker of the records.

The crown said under the arrangements of the Evidence Act, the maker of such happy expected to give the declaration.

The preliminary adjudicator, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, concurred and agreed with the arraignment’s contention.

Williams’ lawyer thusly yielded, and the official in court was not addressed.

Williams was one of simply two denounced to stand up and affirm last week, exposing themselves to interrogation by examiners.

The blame, who gave his assertion last Wednesday, denied being a hoodlum or having been engaged in any shooting occurrence.

He likewise denied charges that were made by one of the two principal indictment witnesses, that he (Williams) was a top shooter for the group.

Williams additionally denied knowing Bryan and asserted that whenever he first saw the supposed pack pioneer was the point at which he met him in 2019 when the case was referenced in court.

In the meantime, more records that were mentioned from the Horizon Remand Center and journals from some police headquarters, are supposed to be introduced at the preliminary this week.

Four other safeguard lawyers made such demands to push for their situations for their separate clients.

The 28 denounced are being attempted under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organizations Act), 2014, also called the counter pack regulation, on a prosecution containing a few counts.

The offenses were purportedly dedicated between January 1, 2015, and June 30, 2019, basically in St Catherine, with no less than one homicide being committed in St Andrew.

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