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A Jamaican policewoman lops off the head of her 11-month-old child (gruesome image inside)

A Jamaican policewoman lops off the head of her 11-month-old child (gruesome image inside)

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policewoman lops off the head of her 11-month-old child

The lady who beheaded her 11-month-old infant has been taken into custody, according to the Cross Rivers State Police.
The woman is allegedly a police officer. (NOT CONFIRMED YET)
The grisly occurrence was verified by a police officer on Wednesday.
The police intervened right away to stop a mob from attacking the lady after the child was murdered on Tuesday, according to the constable.
According to police, the matter would be sent from the Cross Rivers department to the State Command’s Murder Bureau for a full investigation.
She is already in protective custody, which is tragic and devastating, but the police constable said that the issue will be presented to the Murder Department.

According to information obtained by The News Agency of Carib Loop, the mother of two reportedly hacked the baby’s head off with a machete.

According to a witness, the woman’s eight-year-old son stumbled across the incident and raised the alarm, drawing the attention of nearby neighbors.

But, the police quickly intervened, removing the woman from the neighborhood and placing her in protective custody to protect her from the crowd.

“We are shocked, but we remain composed and have given the police the handling of this situation.

She was reassured by her family and the locals that there would be no retaliation because everyone in the area was committed to upholding the law.

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