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Jamaica Police Federation Chairman Files Lawsuit

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Breaking News: Jamaica Police Federation Chairman Files Lawsuit Seeking Injunction Amidst Disciplinary Charges


Jamaica Police Federation Chairman, Corporal Rohan James, has taken decisive legal action following his removal from duty on July 26. The move came after comments he made at a funeral on July 15. Today, he filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court, urgently seeking to quash the order for his interdiction.

Renowned Attorney Hugh Wildman is representing James as the applicant in this significant legal development. The respondent named in the court documents is Assistant Commissioner of Police Andrew Lewis, who is in charge of Administration in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

The situation escalated when the Commissioner of Police directed disciplinary action against James at a Court of Enquiry. In response, Wildman and his team are striving to secure an immediate injunction to halt the Commissioner’s decision.

James is fervently seeking an injunction to safeguard his right to express genuine concerns for the welfare of the members he represents. His application for leave to apply for judicial review against the disciplinary charges is also pending.

In the court document, James asserts that his expressed opinions were done respectfully but forcefully, as he refused to let the High Command be complicit with the executive’s failure to implement a court order.

The alleged statement made by the High Command during a virtual meeting on July 12, regarding a possible cap on overtime payment, was cited as contradictory to a court order that imposed no such cap.

James argues that his statements at Constable Damien Blair’s funeral were well within the bounds of propriety and aligned with section 13 (3) (b) of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees freedom of thought, conscience, and belief.

This lawsuit is now gaining widespread attention as it represents a critical challenge to the Police Service Regulations and seeks to protect James’ rights as an elected representative.

The court’s decision will have a far-reaching impact on the future of the Jamaica Police Federation and its members, making it a topic of interest for many.

Stay tuned for further updates as this legal battle unfolds.


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